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Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

The siding of your home, whether aluminum or vinyl, can start to look worn and faded over time. Weather conditions, sun damage, and normal wear and tear can all affect the appearance of your siding. This can make your beautiful home look rundown and shabby (not shabby chic). For homeowners considering replacing these exterior features entirely, don’t! Repainting your exterior siding is one of the most cost-effective ways to instantly boost the curb appeal and value of your home. Timmins Painting offers exceptional and affordable painting services for aluminum and vinyl siding to homeowners throughout Sonoma County. 

Timmins Painting Knows Aluminum and Vinyl Siding 

When it comes to painting aluminum and vinyl siding, it’s important to trust the professionals. That’s because there are significant differences between painting the siding of a home and painting other exterior surfaces.

Check for damage 

Before painting, the siding must be checked for any damage or underlying issues like bugs, moisture, decay, missing nails, etc. Home siding must also be completely fear of debris and dirt before any other paint preparation can begin. Aluminum and vinyl siding are not nearly as porous as stucco or drywall, so paint has a harder time adhering to these exterior features. That’s why Timmins Painting pressure rinses and hand scrubs all exterior surfaces to ensure the best paint adhesion possible and a smooth finish.  

Use the right paint 

Speaking of adhesion, professionals will also have specific vinyl and aluminum paints for siding painting projects. Choosing the wrong exterior siding paint can result in flaking, warping and transparency. None of these results are very attractive and can decrease a home’s curb appeal. 

Account for weather, lighting and temperature 

Aluminum and vinyl siding react to paint color and light very differently compared to other exterior surfaces like stucco, wood and brick. The way paint colors look on the siding when dry will differ from how they look in the can. Additionally, using too dark of a paint color can actually cause the siding to warp over time.  Dark shades of paint can attract and trap heat, causing the siding to warp from sun exposure and then crack when the temperatures begin to cool down.  

Siding painting cost

At Timmins Painting, we understand that budget can be a significant determining factor for many homeowners. That’s why we offer free quotes upfront for all our services, so you know all the details before we start painting.  

As with any painting project, siding painting costs will depend largely on the project’s size and scope. The most significant factor will be the amount of siding to be painted. Following that, the style and texture of the siding itself will also factor into the final quote. Textured surfaces generally need more prep work and additional coats of paint to reach the same result as untextured surfaces. The condition of the siding will also affect the cost of services: the dirtier or more damaged, the more costly. 

Siding painting timeline 

Our team is dedicated to completing every siding painting project on time, without ever sacrificing quality. While partial exterior siding projects may have shorter timelines, siding with texture (shingles, beading, grooves for that faux wood appearance, etc.) may take longer to ensure the best results. During your free consultation, we will clearly define your painting project’s timeline based on the size, scope and complexity. 

Why You Should Choose Timmins Painting 

Sonoma County residents and business owners have turned to Timmins Painting for professional aluminum and vinyl painting services for more than 25 years. When you choose us, you can expect professionalism and quality results backed by a workmanship warranty. 

When you choose Timmins Painting for your siding painting project, you are guaranteed: 

  • Honest, upfront estimates (no hidden fees, renegotiating or sudden price increases) 
  • Open communication and scheduling needs 
  • Quality workmanship 
  • Fully insured and licensed painting crew 
  • Workmanship warranty 
  • Clean jobsite (we clean up at the end of everyday) 

Don’t Replace! Repaint Your Aluminum or Vinyl Siding with Timmins Painting 

Breathe new life into your home’s exterior and protect your home’s aluminum or vinyl siding with professional painting service by Timmins Painting. Let our residential painters do what they do best: paint, so you can get back to the things that matter most: enjoying your home. We have the skills, experience and equipment to refresh your home’s appearance while saving you all the money it would cost to replace the siding entirely. 

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for any of our painting services!