Well-maintained commercial paint is more than just a cosmetic benefit for businesses. It displays professionalism, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence on all fronts. However, even the highest-quality paint jobs need proper upkeep to send the right impression to prospective customers. 

In this blog, we explore practical paint maintenance tips for commercial properties that will keep your space looking fresh for years to come.  

1. Stay on Top of Minor Touch-Ups

A professional residential painter uses a paint roller to paint a wall white.

Staying on top of minor paint touch-ups helps save time and effort down the road. When left unattended, small cracks and chips can quickly grow into larger problems, especially in high-traffic areas.

By addressing these issues as soon you see them, you can prevent them from escalating and avoid the need for a premature complete repaint. 

2. Promptly Address Spills and Messes 

Spills and messes should be addressed immediately to avoid paint damage or permanent staining. The quicker you address a mess, the better. When left alone for too long, these messes can degrade the paint or become permanent marks that are hard to remove and may need to be painted over.

Staying on top of messes can prevent stains and keep a paint job looking fresh.  

3. Clean Painted Surfaces Regularly

A man pressure rinses the exterior wall of a commercial property for paint maintenance

Both interior and exterior surfaces accumulate dirt, grime, dust, and other pollutants that can degrade paint over time. Regularly cleaning these surfaces can help prevent damage and permanent stains.  

Dust all interior surfaces frequently to keep dirt under control and avoid stains. You can also use water, a non-abrasive cloth, and paint-friendly solutions for spot cleaning. For exterior surfaces, pressure rinsing about once a year can help maintain the paint’s appearance and longevity. 

4. Test Cleaning Products  

Any time you decide to use a cleaning product on a painted surface, it’s a good idea to test it on a small hidden area before using it on the entire surface. This will ensure the product is safe to use and won’t damage your paint.  

5. Protect High-Traffic Areas

A door stopper attached to a door to protect wall paint

High-traffic areas like hallways, lobbies, entrances, and exits are usually more prone to wear and tear. To prevent scuffs and chips, consider installing these protective features throughout your property: 

  • Wainscoting is a decorative wall treatment that covers the lower portion of a wall with wood paneling to protect against wear and tear.  
  • Door stoppers are installed on the lower wall to prevent scuffs, scratches, and dents from doors. 
  • Chair rails are horizontal strips of wood installed on walls to protect them from chair backs.  
  • Corner guards are L-shaped pieces of plastic or steel installed on corners to prevent damage.  

6. Keep Humidity Under Control 

Consistent and effective climate control is a crucial yet often overlooked part of maintaining a commercial property’s interior paint. Humidity damage is common and often leads to costly repairs. 

If humidity levels are too high, moisture can get trapped beneath the paint and cause blistering, cracking, mold, or mildew. Climate control solutions like programmable thermostats and proper ventilation help prevent this damage and protect your paint. 

Sonoma County’s Commercial Painting Experts 

Strong impressions are vital for attracting high-quality customers, and a well-maintained coat of paint sends all the right messages about your business. By making minor touch-ups as needed, regularly cleaning surfaces, and implementing proper protection, you can ensure your commercial property’s paint stays fresh and appealing for years to come.  

At Timmins Painting, we understand the benefits of a high-quality paint job. That’s why we offer professional commercial painting services to help your business stand out in Sonoma County’s competitive landscape. With decades of experience and top-notch customer service, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Contact us online today for a FREE painting estimate, or call (707)-792-0773 to connect with a team member over the phone.