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Commercial Painting

Blue bathroom with Five examples of the same color of dark blue paint with different finishes ranging from gloss, semigloss, satin, eggshell, to flat

Your Guide to Picking the Perfect Paint Finish

What is Paint Sheen? Most paints are available in a number of different types of finishes. Paint finish, or paint sheen, refers to the amount of light that reflects off a painted surface once it is dry. So the more sheen a paint finish has, the more light it will reflect when it’s dry. A general rule of thumb ...

timmins painting work truck and professional painter painting the exterior of a commercial building in sonoma county

5 Benefits Of Painting The Exterior of Your Business

How An Exterior Paint Job Can Benefit Your Commercial Building Peeling paint, drab color schemes, or noticeable fading to the exterior of your commercial building could be costing your business ...

freshly painted house with a for rent sign out front

Maximize Your Rental Property With a New Exterior Paint Job

How an Exterior Paint Job Will Make Your Rental Property More Appealing With over 15 years of experience serving Sonoma County homeowners, Timmins Paint knows the importance of proper property maintenance. ...

cleaning supplies and bright green painted wall

How to Clean Your Walls After an Interior Paint Job

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Professionally-Painted Walls One of the benefits of painting the interior walls of your home or work space is the refreshing mood is brings to ...

professional painter trailer parked in front of office building read to be painted

Hiring a Professional Painter for Your Local Business

Businesses Need Professional Commercial Paint Jobs Whether you have owned a business in Sonoma County for one year, one decade, or more, you might be concerned about keeping up appearances ...

Step ladder and paint cans in front of partially painted interior wall.

Everything You Need to Know About Paint Sheen

When most people think about interior painting, whether it be for residential or commercial applications, they consider the color first and foremost. After all, the color you choose will set ...

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