The right interior décor can transform a working space. It can enhance company’s reputation and drive greater productivity from their workforce. But this is an area in which many growing organizations struggle. They don’t know how to select painting firms. They find it difficult to research the marketplace and they aren’t always sure which services they require. The team at Timmins Painting has over two decades experience as a trusted commercial painting contractor serving clients across Santa Rosa. In this article, their team highlights five tips for stylish commercial painting work.

  1. Consult with Employees on Paint Choices

    Commercial Painting Work from Santa Rosa Contractor Timmins Painting

    The first step to creating a unified business environment is close communication with work teams. By speaking with employees about the type of paint colors and styles that should be used in the building, property owners can bring their staff together and ensure each team member is comfortable once the work has been completed.

  2. Choose Design Experts

    The commercial painting contractor chosen should be an expert in business office design. They should be able to tell the business owner which colors would suit the environment best and how best to create the requisite appeal in the office space. Design experts can also help ensure that the business owner’s thoughts are taken into consideration and integrated as part of the final paintwork.
  3. Plan Several Weeks Ahead

    In any business environment, long-term planning is crucial to future project success. It’s important, especially during the summer months, to plan several weeks ahead when hiring commercial contractors. Business owners should call potential companies as early as possible in the process to have expert input available to direct the project from its inception.
  4. Consider the Project Hours

    Will the painting team be working in the office during the day or after-hours? Will they have access to the building during closing hours? These are important questions to answer as part of the commercial painting work. The commercial painting contractor chosen must be trustworthy and must hire proven safe work teams. Business owners should ask the painting team about the background checks run in their work staff and ensure that all team members have the requisite qualifications.
  5. Review Recourse Options

    What happens if the work completed is not of the highest quality? Answering this question will ensure the business owner is prepared should they have to take further action after the conclusion of the project. It’s important to set out ground rules as to how the project will proceed. This can ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and that quality work will be completed in an efficient and effective process.

Following these five tips will ensure that all commercial painting work alongside a qualified contractor is completed to the very highest of standards. Timmins Painting provides Commercial Painting in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, throughout Sonoma County and beyond. To discover more on the commercial painting process, contact our office team directly at (707) 792-0773.