With the peak of the summer season about to begin, homeowners across the region are now considering selling their property to capitalize on the booming real estate marketplace. One important element to consider in this process is home staging. Homeowners must analyze whether their current property offers the requisite aesthetic appeal to capture interest from buyers. The team at Timmins Painting has decades of experience as a leading Professional Residential Painting Company in Petaluma Rohnert Park Santa Rosa Sonoma County and Beyond. In this article they’ll provide five benefits of working with professional painters when selling a home.

  1. Painters Can Provide Advice on Current Trends

    Timmins is a Professional Residential Painting Company in Petaluma Rohnert Park Santa Rosa Sonoma County and Beyond

    Professionals have an innate understanding of the marketplace. The company will have completed residential painting projects for other clients in the area and will be able to detail the best ways to ensure interior and exterior painting work appeals to buyers. They can also help buyers save money by preventing them from making expensive mistakes in their paint choices.

  2. Professionals can Complete Work within a Strict Turnaround Time

    One of the leading challenges homeowners face when trying to complete their own painting work is that it often takes them longer than they anticipated to complete their painting work. This means that they might miss deadlines for putting the property on the market. This could end up costing the homeowner more money as they delay the sales process. Professionals will begin their projects by providing the homeowner an estimate on the time the painting will take to complete. Homeowners can then plan the sales process more effectively by using this expected project completion date.

  3. Professionals May Have Access to Unique Paint Products

    There’s a distinct difference between commercially available paint products and those found within the average retail store. The residential painting company will have access to paint suppliers who can provide them with the most durable, high quality products available in the marketplace. They will also have relationships with their suppliers, and so they can help homeowners find their ideal product using their network.

  4. Professionals Can Complete the Preparation Work

    Those with experience in residential painting can ensure that each element of the project is completed seamlessly. They can prepare the surface for the painting work and protect the home against damage during processes such as sanding. This type of preparation will ensure the home looks its peak best for many years after the project has been completed.

  5. Professionals Understand the Latest Safety Principles

    Safety is of the utmost concern during residential painting projects. A leading residential painting company will be able train their staff to avoid the many dangers involved in the work. This can help prevent homeowners misusing ladders and paint products, and protect everyone inside the home against potential injury during the work.

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