Your Sonoma County Business Deserves a Commercial Paint Job by a Professional Painter

Whether you have owned a business in Sonoma County for one year, one decade, or more, you might be concerned about keeping up appearances for your brick and mortar location. After all, maintaining a fresh appearance could help you attract new customers and clients, as well as retain your old ones. Everything from retail stores to office buildings to restaurants need a refresh every once in awhile. Keep your Sonoma County business beautiful and inviting with a commercial paint job by Rohnert Park’s trusted professional painter, Timmins.

A professional painter will be the key to keeping your Sonoma County business as beautiful and inviting as can be. Over time, paint jobs can lose their luster due to sunshine, weather patterns, and other elements out of your control. You might be wondering why you couldn’t just attempt a commercial paint job yourself — and we’re here to let you know why a professional painter is the way to go!

Professional Painters Finish the Job on Time

Armed with knowledge and experience unmatched by DIYers, a professional painter knows how to prepare, execute, and finish a job on their client’s timeline. A professional painting team will be highly skilled and understand what it takes to get the job done efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

Attempting a paint job yourself could lead to disaster — imagine buying the wrong paint, applying it incorrectly, or creating messes that add on unanticipated projects to your original job. A professional painter knows how to set and stick to a timeline.

Professional Painters Stay on Budget

Business owners often set a budget for routine maintenance and renovations, and need to stick to it. A professional painter should provide you with a project estimate so you know exactly how much money you will be spending on your commercial paint job.

Hiring a professional painter is what you need if you want a job done on time and on your budget. 

Professional Paint Jobs are Guaranteed

Have you ever completed a DIY renovation and realized the results were not what you envisioned? A lack of experience can lead to sloppy application, the wrong paint selection, or other missteps that will cost you time and money in the long run.

At Timmins Painting we guarantee our work. We offer a warranty on workmanship, have all the appropriate licenses and insurances, and employ highly skilled and experienced painters.

Timmins Professional Painters will Keep Your Sonoma County Business Looking Great

Timmins Painting has been serving Sonoma County businesses in their commercial painting needs for over 15 years. We are committed to providing a professional touch for our local professionals. 

Whether your local business is in need of an interior or exterior paint job, or both, Timmins Painting is here for you. Reach out for your free project estimate to get started on refreshing the look of your Sonoma County business today.