It Might Be Time to Repaint Your House Exterior

Is your house starting to stand out on the block — and not in a good way? If you own your home, you might be wondering how often you should repaint its exterior. Not only will regularly repainting your house increase its curb appeal, it will add value and integrity to one of your most important assets.

Let’s take a look at the average amount of time you should go between paint jobs, and the many factors that go into figuring out that number.

When was the last time you painted your house exterior?

If you have owned your home for several years, you probably remember the last time it was painted. Houses built with different materials require repainting at different times. For example:

  • Brick – You only need to repaint brick every 10 to 12 years
  • Stucco – 6 to 8 years is a reasonable time to wait before repainting stucco
  • Aluminum Siding – This material requires a new paint job every 6 years
  • Wood Siding – Repainting wood siding every 5 to 7 years is ideal

If you just moved into your home or don’t remember the last time it was painted, there are several signs your paint job is outdated and needs a refresh. If you have noticed these things, it is definitely time for a new paint job:

  • Flaking, Chipping, or Peeling Paint
  • Bubbling Paint
  • Hardened Caulk
  • Fading or Morphing Paint Color
  • Patching Stucco

Despite these general guidelines, there might be other factors that come into play that makes it so that your home needs to be repainted more often than others.

Was the previous residential paint job done by a professional?

You might want to consider repainting sooner than later if your last paint job was a DIY project. DIYers often use low quality paint or just do messy jobs. No matter what material your home was constructed with, it is wise to reach out to a professional house painter, like Timmins Painting, to get the job done right. Our team will use the correct paint on different areas of your home, get your project done right, on time, & within your budget, and leave an exceptionally clean worksite when we are through.

What is the climate like where you are located?

Different weather elements can seriously affect the life of an exterior paint job. In Sonoma County, the Southern and Western sides of homes are exposed to heavier weather elements. If your home experiences lots of hot days in direct sunlight, intense winter storms with snow & rain, or high humidity, you might find yourself repainting more than the average homeowner. You shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to a residential painting contractor to determine if it will be time to repaint sooner than later.

Have you been maintaining your house exterior? 

Neglecting to maintain the exterior of your home could result in the need for a new paint job sooner than you were expecting. Simple things, like washing of dust, dirt, and moss will help prolong the life of your exterior design. Keeping your eyes out for more serious situations, such as dampness, rot, or an insect or rodent infestation, will also help you maintain a clean and beautiful house.

Professional Home Exterior and Siding Painters in Sonoma County

Residential repainting is just one of the services Timmins Painting is known for. Our commitment to quality is shown through our professionalism and attention to detail. If it is time to repaint your home’s exterior, do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team of residential painting experts today. We’ll be happy to help you plan and execute your project from start to finish!