The living room in your home is important for a number of reasons: it’s where family gatherings happen, where precious memories are made, and – it’s your oasis. A room that’s at the center of your world should be lively, stylish and inviting.

If you feel like your living room is ready to be freshened up a bit, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite interior paint tricks that are surefire ways to energize your home.

For best results, we recommend hiring a professional, local painter (like us!) who will take the pain out of a paint job and ensure your new coat of paint is perfect.

1. Paint Your Trim

Whether you have an old, vintage interior or your house has a more modern, zen vibe to it, most likely your wall décor includes some sort of trim. Applying color to your trimming is a minor tweak that can add serious character. You can either match the color to your main walls, opt for a classic white/neutral color, or liven things up with a bold color choice.

2. Choose Warm & Soothing Colors

The more welcoming your common room is, the more your guests will want to gather in! If you’re hoping to create a cozy space that will make you feel like running home, sitting down, and curling up with a good book, we suggest opting for colors with gold, orange, or red undertones. 2019 is full of trending warmer shades like Mustard or Pantone’s color of the year: Living Coral.

3. Create an Accent Wall

A spectacular way to breathe new life into your living room is by painting a new accent wall. Accent walls can take your living room from drab to fab, without feeling as intimidating as a full paint overhaul. Think outside of the box! Bold is beautiful when it comes to accent walls, and YES you can have a bold accent wall even if the rest of your space is staying a neutral color.

4. Try a Scandinavian-Inspired Minimalist Color Scheme

One of the newest interior design trends today is the minimalist Nordic or ‘Scandi’ style. Think monochromatic tones like white, blush pink, grey, and timber.  Clean lines and a mixture of layers and textures take center stage of a Scandinavian-inspired interior. The result? A versatile, quality interior that can stand the test of time.

5. Look Up and Paint the Ceiling

Ceilings aren’t for blank, white spaces anymore. People are making use of all the parts of their room, including the ceiling! An efficient and creative way to enlarge and liven up any common room is by adding a bold color or wallpaper to your ceiling.

6. Add Texture to Your Common Room

Whether you choose to adorn your ceiling or living room walls with texture, you will not be disappointed. A professional painter can adorn your interior with swirls, lace or spray sand to add complex detail and rich décor to your common room.

7. When in Doubt, Choose Yellow

Yellow might be the last color on your list when it comes to the main areas of your home, but trust us, we’re professionals. Here’s how yellow can save your interior when your short on ideas:

  • It’s bold and draws attention.
  • It goes well with blue and white. Chances are, your room already contains these colors, so yellow will make an easy match.
  • Adds striking borders to all the right places.
  • It’s a mood booster.

8. Dim Your Lighting Yet Keep Your Common Room Bright

An easy trick for avoiding a cave-like darkness with dim lighting is to paint your common room with a sophisticated grey. Neutral tones naturally blend with softer lighting, giving your common room an inviting and soothing atmosphere.

9. Ombre All the Way

Ombre is the technique of mixing shades of colors together to create a color flow that’s more textured and organic. We recommend using a color palette that is closely related for a matching look.

10. Customize with Mural Walls

A great way to customize your common room is by adding a mural wall. This can include a personal design you create or a collaborative piece you brainstorm with your professional painter. Murals can add a story to your main living space, allowing you to express yourself creatively.

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