Timmins Painting is happy to provide residential exterior painting to homeowners’ associations and those who live within them. In some cases, an HOA will have a list of approved colors, and in some cases, the homeowners will choose their own colors and have it approved by the HOA before we start the project. A commercial and residential painting company in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Sonoma County, we’ve run across all different points of view about HOAs. Love them or hate them, if you’re in one, you need to ask the HOA about your paint colors before you call us.

HOAs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Paint Colors

Some people love their HOAs. They love that they have some maintenance taken care of for them, and they love that their neighbors can’t choose fuchsia and lime as a color scheme. They are sad that HOAs no longer have the right to ban clotheslines. Keep the neighborhood in order is what they say!

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And then there are the people who wish they could spite their neighbors by choosing fuchsia and neon lime. They hung their unmentionables on the line the very day they won the right to, and they find every way they can to show their individuality without getting fined.

But most people fall somewhere in between. They like that the HOA keeps the neighborhood somewhat in shape but find some of the rules unnecessary. They’d like to choose their own paint color and would choose a perfectly lovely one.

Whether your HOA specifies paint colors or asks to approve your paint selection, Timmins Painting is a residential painting company in Sonoma County that can help you with either choosing from the colors specified by your HOA or choosing colors that will look beautiful and most likely be accepted by your HOA. If the colors are not approved, no worries. We’ll try again.

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