The appeal of a home can be significantly enhanced with paintwork. Professional painting offers homeowners the best value for their money of almost any home improvement services. Only by selecting a qualified painting contractor can Santa Rosa homeowners achieve the full value for their investment. The team at Timmins Painting has years of experience within the residential painting marketplace. In the following article, they outline 5 expert tips for selecting a qualified Santa Rosa painting contractor.

  1. Get Estimates from Multiple Painting Contractors

    Santa Rosa Residential Painting Contractor

    One mistake many homeowners make is simply selecting the first painting contractor they find online. This can lead to issues later on in the project when the homeowner discovers the contractor’s service doesn’t meet the standards they require. It’s important to speak with at least a few painting contractors about a home painting project before coming to a final decision. This process will allow the homeowner to analyze the available services in their local area. This will also allow you to compare the services against one another to help you select the right price, the right quality, and the right company.

  2. Ask for References form your Painting Contractor

    When reviewing painting companies, homeowners should begin the research process by asking for references from previous clients. Companies should have several references to provide potential clients. Homeowners can then speak directly with the references and discuss the type of work the company completed and how professional their work teams were when operating in the client’s home.
  3. Pay Close Attention to the Behavior of the Representative

    Homeowners often miss little clues that could help them avoid the wrong service for their requirements. It’s critical to review the company representative’s behavior during conversations. Are they able to give firm answers on the type of services they offer? Do they seem interested in the project? How clearly do they communicate their thoughts and ideas? Answering these questions will give homeowners a comprehensive understanding on the type of service they can expect from the company.
  4. Discuss Warranty Options

    As homeowners come to their decision, they should review their chosen company’s warranty options. If there’s a problem with the workmanship or the contractor makes a mistake within their work, this warranty will ensure the homeowner is covered for any repairs that must be made after the project has been completed.
  5. Closely Review the Contract

    Now that you’ve selected your painting contractor, as a Santa Rosa homeowner you should be presented with a service contract for the required work. This service contract will detail the work that the team will complete and will provide a framework for the completion of the project. It is important for homeowners to review the contract closely and understand each element included within the document. It’s the ideal time at which to ask questions and clarify any discrepancies.

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