The latest studies show that color accounts for 60% of a person’s response to a product or a place. Color can have both subtle and significant physical and psychological impacts on the home environment, and homeowners can now utilize the impact of color to create their ideal home spaces.

First, it’s important to get expert advice from a proven residential painting company. In this article, the team at Timmins Painting explains five tips for selecting paint colors.

  1. Begin in a Small Room

    For those who are having difficulty deciding on a color for their property, it’s important to begin the painting work in a small space. Consider painting a powder room area with a chosen color before experimenting on larger spaces. This will allow homeowners to consider how elements such as light play a role in the vibrancy and tone of the paint colors.

  2. Consider Lighting

    Lighting plays a significant role in the color a homeowner sees when they review paints at a store. That sky blue paint might not appear as vivid when placed in a room with little natural light. So it’s important for homeowners to review the type of lighting within the room alongside their chosen Santa Rosa residential painting company before they select a color. For example, fluorescent lighting can help bring out sharper tones in blue for formal dining spaces.
  3. Choose Decorative Paint Finishes

    While the paint color will have a significant impact on the room environment, this is only one of the decorative elements to review when revitalizing a home property. It’s also important that property owners carefully analyze the finishes available to improve the appeal of the space. This will add design depth to the painting project.

  4. Analyze the Connection Between Rooms

    The individual room environment should be considered carefully alongside the overall blend of colors within the home. Does the environment flow naturally from one room to the next? Are there any rooms that seem out of place within the property? What could be done to improve the color scheme within the room? These are important questions to consider when evaluating paint colors that blend within a modern residential space.

  5. Learn all of the Professional Painting Terms

    To finalize the approach to paint color selection, it’s imperative that homeowners learn all of the terms the professionals use within their day-to-day work. For example, saturation refers to the dominance of a certain color within a paint product. And intensity refers to the brilliance of the color, the strength the color will hold within the room. An active space, such as a home gym, might require a higher level of color intensity to help empower action in the area.

Through a commitment to the color-coordination process and by learning the latest paint color design terms with the help of proven specialists, homeowners can achieve exceptional paintwork results. Timmins Painting provides Residential Painting in Sonoma County and Beyond. To learn more, speak with the specialists at Timmins Painting directly (707) 792-0773.