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How Does a Painting Contractor in Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma County Estimate?

Whenever you get an estimate for any kind of work, you have the nagging worry that you’ll end up being charged significantly more than the original estimate. Timmins Painting always tries to give an accurate estimate. Here are some of the factors that might play a role in the figure we give you.

Square Footage

Obviously the square footage of your space will affect the cost of the job. More space equals more paint and more labor hours.

Cost of Materials

Paint varies in price. The brand of paint you choose will affect our estimate, as well as how much of it we’ll need.

Prep Work Needed

Do your walls simply need a primer and a paint or are there holes to be patched or peeling, chipped old paint to be scraped? The time we estimate will go into a job depends greatly on how much surface prep is needed.

Extra Labor Time for Difficult Areas

Just because your friend’s 2,000 square foot house came in with a certain estimate doesn’t mean yours will. Not only might the surface need more prep work, you might have difficult to reach spaces that will require more time.

The more we factor into your estimate, the better we can stick to it. Trust us, we don’t want to charge you more and have you be unpleasantly surprised or eat the cost ourselves. Our years of experience have culminated in remarkable accuracy. Our quotes are competitive, but they’re also realistic. Our quality of work is also high thanks to our 20 plus years in the business.

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