There are so many fun things to do to prepare for your new baby. You need the clothes, the board books, and the blankets. Beyond that you’re sure to get loads of unsolicited parenting advice. Timmins Painting doesn’t have much of that to give, but we can help you get your baby’s room ready by giving it just the right color of paint. Be sure not to wait until your due date so that the baby isn’t introduced into his or her new room while it still has that new paint smell. Also, the effects of painting while pregnant are not known, so let Timmins Painting, our residential painting company in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Sonoma County, do all the work. It’s generally recommended that the mother stay in another, ventilated area of the house on painting day. And now for the fun part!

What Color Should We Paint the Baby’s Room?

Bright or Soothing

Some people go beyond choosing any old pretty color and research how certain colors will affect their baby’s mood or brain activity. Do you want your baby’s room conducive to sleep or to learning? Do you want your baby to be excited and engaged in their room or cozy and content? That’s up to you. But it’s true that color contributes to mood.

Themes and Wall Clings

Wall color can be a backdrop for a themed room. Outdoor themes can have sky blue walls, for instance. You can use wall clings or your own artistic skills to add clouds, flowers, and fairies, or maybe trees and cars. A different shade of blue and turn your baby’s room into an underwater sea adventure. In our 20 plus years of experience as a residential painting company in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Sonoma County, we’ve seen some extremely creative ideas.


Gender may or may not affect your decision. Many people don’t want to steer boys toward blue and girls toward pink, but the great thing is that this is your baby. If you want pink walls, ballerina prints, and frilly curtains for your daughter, that’s your business! If she ends up preferring Star Wars, we can come back when she’s five and go midnight blue with posters of Rey and Finn.

If you’re getting ready for a new baby, congratulations! Timmins Painting would love to be your residential painting company in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and Sonoma County. CONTACT US or call (707) 792-0773 for a free quote today for your new baby’s room or any other indoor or outdoor painting project.