The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Professionally-Painted Walls

One of the benefits of painting the interior walls of your home or work space is the refreshing mood is brings to each room. To help maintain the fresh feel a good coat of paint provides your space, you will need to regularly clean your walls. Here’s everything you need to know about why and how you should clean and maintain your walls after a professional interior paint job.

Things You’ll Need To Clean Interior Walls:

  • Dry Duster
  • Warmer Soapy Water 
  • Soft Clean Cloth

3 Easy Steps to Extend the Life of Your Wall’s Interior Paint Job

1. Dust Your Newly Painted Walls Regularly

Even if you do not see any visible debris on your walls, it is best practice to dust them regularly to avoid build up. Adding a quick wall dusting to your household chores will prolong the life of your interior paint job and keep your home or workspace feeling clean and fresh.

A long reaching dusting wand with a dry wipe or soft bristled brush will remove any cobwebs, dusty film, or dirt particles that could accumulate into bigger messes if left unattended.

When dusting, make sure to work in small sections, and start from the top of the wall and work your way downwards. Pay extra attention to the corners to collect all spider or cobwebs as well.

Always make sure to dust your walls thoroughly before using any water, or cleaning solvent on your new paint. Dust and dirt can build up leaving visible marks or stains on your walls if it gets wet.

2. Avoid Abrasive Cleaners That Can Damage Paint

Choose a cloth, or soft sponge to wash your walls with, as this will lower the potential of scratching, chipping or other damage to the paint. A soft lint free cloth will also help ensure less streaking while drying. 

Pick an un-dyed, natural or white colored cloth, to avoid potentially transferring dye to you walls while cleaning. 

Avoid any harsh cleaning chemicals that can potentially damage or fade your paint. A few drops of simple liquid dish soap, diluted in warm clean water, is the best wall cleaner you can make right at home. 

Additionally, avoid any colored or dyed soaps as this could potentially transfer and stain light colored walls.

3. Clean Your Walls in Sections From the Bottom to The Top

Unlike dusting, when you wash your walls you will start from the bottom to the top. Make sure to work in small sections and overlap them to avoid any wash streaking. 

If you run into any cobwebs or dust particles you may have missed while dusting, use your dry duster to remove it before your wet washcloth or soft sponge. 

Let your walls air dry to avoid any streaking, but make sure no sections have any visible water drips or droplets, as this could leave a lasting mark once dry.

Call Timmins Painting For a Professional Interior Paint Job Touch Up

Over time, you may notice chipped or peeling paint or other natural wear and tear. An interior paint touch up by a professional painting company, like Timmins Painting, is the answer.

Not only will our attention to detail be unmatched, our knowledge of the best cleaning and maintenance practices will ensure your wall’s interior paint stays stunning for years to come. From businesses to residential homes, call or contact us online today to learn more about our interior paint services.