2020’s Trending Interior Paint Colors And How to Use Them in Your Home

If you’re looking to make some changes this new year, there is no better place to start than in your own home. Start the year off in style, and refresh your space with a new coat of paint. No matter which room you’re in – kitchen, bathroom, living room – an interior paint job is the easiest way to update your home with an eye-catching change. The year is already roaring with bold design trends, but what are the best ways to use them? From deep jewel tones to energetic warm hues, there’s a 2020 interior paint color to match any style. We’ve gathered 2020’s interior paint color trends to inspire your next Sonoma County interior paint project.

2020’s Interior Paint Color Trends

  • Classic Blue
  • Moody Greens
  • Blushing Pinks
  • Burnt Orange
  • Earthy Taupe

1. Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Pop with Classic Blue Paint

Pantone proves that classic blue will never go out of style, by announcing it as 2020’s color of the year. What better way to revamp your kitchen this year than by adding a pop of classic color to your cabinets. 

This shade of blue isn’t too dark to make your space feel cluttered, and just bright enough to spark creativity. Classic blue kitchen cabinets are the perfect accent pieces to bring vigor back to your morning routine and creative cooking endeavors.

2. Paint Your Bedroom a Moody Green For a Boho Vibe

Create a bohemian getaway in your own home by choosing a moody green paint color for your bedroom walls. This shade pairs perfectly with velvety textures and other jewel tones you would find in a vintage paisley print. 

Bring nature inside with this mix of deep blues and rich greens, giving your bedroom a down to earth vibe that promotes relaxation.

3. A Blushing Pink Bathroom will Always Feel Clean and Sophisticated

Blushing pink walls provide a delicate backdrop to porcelain-white bathroom features. Silver finishes add to the sophisticated feel of the room without being too feminine or sweet. 

The warmth from this light shade of pink makes it a good choice for rooms with minimal natural light. A blushing pink paint can go a long way to adding character to a bigger bathroom while also not being too overwhelming in a small space.

4. Make a Statement With a Burnt Orange Accent Wall in Your Living Room

The eye-catching paint color is the perfect way to energize your living room. A burnt orange accent wall will make your living space a great focal point without being too overbearing. This bold color trend can go a long way to creating a fun space to entertain in with its warm and inviting energy.  

Follow another 2020 paint trend, and don’t forget to look up when choosing an accent wall. Make a statement with this unique design element and use your ceiling as a “fifth wall” to add some color.

5. Paint Your Foyer an Earthy Taupe to Create a Tranquil Entrance

Your foyer is your home’s first and last impression on friends and visitors, so it’s important to set the right tone. Choosing a warm earth shade to paint your hallway walls will create a welcoming and grounding feeling for everyone who enters. The mix of green, brown, and grey hues, will bring life into a room that typically would go unnoticed.

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