3 Signs of Weather Damage to Your Home’s Exterior Paint You Should Not Ignore

Maintaining your exterior paint can add value to your home and boost your curb appeal, but a quality paint job also serves a functional purpose. Your exterior paint acts as a protective barrier from the natural elements and weather damage your home faces every day. In Sonoma County, we can experience some scorching summer heatwaves, chilly, wet winters, and some smokey fire seasons. All of these conditions will result in natural wear and tear on the exterior of your home and your paint.

The professional residential painters at Timmins Painting are highly familiar with the effects the Sonoma County weather can have on your home’s exterior paint job over time. Our team is here to help ensure your home remains looking it’s best for years to come and help you avoid potentially costly damage.

Here are 3 signs of weather damage you should never ignore on your home’s exterior paint in Sonoma County. 

1. Moisture Affects Your Home’s Paint from Inside and Out

Rain weathering the paint on the exterior of a home

While the U.S. averages 38 inches of rain annually, Sonoma County gets an average of 40 inches of rain every year. If you do not actively maintain the exterior of your home, these rainy days can result in significantly negative effects on your paint as well as the internal structure of your house. 

Exposed or unpainted areas of the exterior of your home can allow rain to penetrate your wood siding, trim, accent fixtures, and even your roof.  Even on well-painted areas, wood absorbs water and loosens its hold on the exterior, causing it to chip and peel away over time. Water damage like this is most noticeable in the spring and into the summer as the wood dries.

Moisture build up from the inside of your home also poses a risk to your home’s exterior paint and structure. Peeling or blistering paint bubbles can indicate a ventilation issue causing an excess of humidity or even a potential internal leak.     

Failure to address these signs of water damage can easily lead to serious home damage as the exposure begins to decay the wood.

2. Temperature Fluxuations Add Stress on Your Exterior Paint

The sun shining on a home's freshly painted exterior

The professional residential painters at Timmins use the highest quality materials to help ensure the lifespan of your exterior paint job. But over time, harmful Ultraviolet rays and constant sun exposure will have a dramatic impact on the exterior of your home no matter what. Eventually these UV rays will cause your paint to start to break down and weaken, and your exterior will show signs of fading, cracking, and peeling. 

Temperature changes throughout the day can add significant wear and tear on your home’s exterior paint and structure as well. Heat from the sun naturally expands the wood in your home’s siding and constricts back down when the temperature drops. These constant fluctuations will wear down your exterior paint until the point it starts to crack. A “hotspot” for this type of damage can be seen around areas where caulking has been previously applied.

Regularly repairing damage caused by temperature fluctuations can help keep your property looking its best, and ensure your home remains structurally sound for years to come.

3. Wind Chips Your Exterior Paint Job Away 

A woman standing outside of her home holding up paint samples on a windy day

Sonoma County is situated in a valley, but these beautiful mountain ranges cause significant winds and blustery conditions that will greatly impact the exterior of your home. Like microscopic meteor showers, dust, leaves, and debris get picked up by strong gusts and rain down on your home. Every little impact erodes the exterior paint over time, inevitably weakening it’s essential protective barrier slowly.

The wind also carries a lot of organic material that creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew to take hold on your home’s exterior. This growth can eat away at the paint and cause excessive damage to the wood underneath that can require costly repairs.

Look for faded paint and moderate debris buildup on your wall for signs of wind damage. Black, red, and green stains can also start to appear when mold and mildew growth start to run rampant. These signs of failing paint mean it’s time to call in professionals to remedy it before it leads to a bigger issue.

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